The short life   
Strange and Exciting Adventures   
William Loveday   
Ex-student of C– town   

Who, not being properly lookt after as a child, was sexually abused by a 46 year old man, and his subsequent war with all education and authority.   

Also including an account of his sexual deviations and unjust expulsion from art school and his ultimate revenge.

Ritten by himself

Please note: This novel is a work of fiction and all the characters therein are also fictional. William Loveday and Karima do not exist.   

This turbulent & cyclical story follows in the footsteps of Childish’s other two faux autobiographical novels ‘My Fault’ and ‘Notebooks of a Naked Youth’. Written in the dyslexic hand of the author ‘Sex Crimes of the Future is steeped in black humour and displays a wicked intelligence, making a read that is as compelling & entertaining as it is challenging.

Billy Childish  left secondary school at the age of sixteen an undiagnosed dyslexic. Since then, despite the good advice of his betters and the obvious disadvantage of not being able to spell, he has written and published numerous volumes of prose and poetry, ultimately carving himself a reputation as Britain's most powerful independent voice.

Childish’s activities have always been firmly rooted in the underground and his methods - now being trendily feted as ‘guerilla’ - have gained him both the  respect and  envy of those who pose as 'being on the margin'  whilst still enjoying the benefits of a corporate budget.

Sex Crimes of the Futcher is published with no ISBN number, no bar code and no  distribution. The first edition of 500 hardback copies comes with a screen printed dust jacket and is available exclusively from The Aquarium, Simon Finch Art, and Hangman Books. There will also be a limited edition of 26 signed & lettered copies with an original woodcut - printed and signed by the author - tipped in on the front end paper.  

*note - Just because this is published independently it doesn’t mean it’s done on the cheap, it means it’s done properly. i.e. Screen printed jacket, real linen cloth covered boards and decent weight paper. All for the same price as corporate junk

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